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Introducing the fastest, smartest and simplest way to code Arduino! Answered

Hello Everyone!

I would like to present a new website for coding Arduino: www.Cherpa.io
This website allows users to code arduino online, but it has these cool new features:

- Visualization: There's a dashboard where users can add visualization elements like a gauge, barmeter, graph to visualize data from arduino and controllers like buttons, sliders..to control the circuit and move servo motors for example.
- Chatbot: A new chatbot is introduced to answer all electronics related questions. Its still new and learning every day.
- Auto-complete for arduino.
- You can upload and save your code online in your profile.

Here is a video that demonstrates what im talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwTggv5V3Uw

I would love to hear your thoughts, an any suggestions!

Have a great day :D


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3 years ago

Not too bad for some features although I fail to see why it has to be online.
Offering something like this as a standalone app for PC, Android and IOS would make more sense in terms of using it for control of the arduino.
I mean having a graphical interface showing values is nice if you need it but being able to use it as input would be even better.
Auto complete might be nice too but it is not always correcet and in many cases more confusing than helpful - just my opinion though.
Still as a gimmick for newbies a good thing to have.