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Invisible Fence Indoor IFA 12 transmitter...does anyone know how to repair? Answered

I had an Invisible Fence installed in my yard. I have two small dogs that are inside most of the time. I purchased two Invisible Fence "Pet Keepers" which are 5" square transmitters that are used as a fence for inside the house. These little devices are $150 each. I have had mine for awhile but one wasn't working until the dog was right next to it. I took it into the Invisible Fence store and they told me there was only a once year warranty. I purchased another very painfully. I'm really tired of the racket they have going...selling batteries for $15 each, charging around a hundred bucks everytime the line outside is damaged and needs repair. I brought home the old one...(IFA 12 transmitter). IF told me that the antenna may have gone bad or something but they don't repair..why would they when they can sell you another for $150? Can anyone tell me how this transmitter could possibly be repaired? If so, I'll use it elsewhere in my home!?


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11 years ago

Sounds like your fence is a bit of a rip-off. We got ours via EBay for $60 with two transmitters directly from China. Works great and it takes 'regular' 6V flash batteries ($3 for alkaline and $6 for Lithium, which last longer). There is an instructable on how to fix the fence if it is broken. We put one of the transmitters on a Chihuahua and it works fine. Make sure to train the dogs as instructed, or they will not get the flags, beeps and shocks are related to the area they are moving into.