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IoT server / gateway Answered

Hello Instructables,

Like a lot of people lately I'm experimenting with IoT and Home Automation. There are a lot of interesting projects going on, also a lot here at Instructables. But a thing that i run against is the fact of IoT Gateway/server software. On Google I found differed IoT gateways/servers that I wanted to share with you guys. If you have to contribute to my list, please do. All software's have there pros and cons, so more project the better. 

- Thingspeak. This is a in the cloud site to witch you can send your sensor data and switch things
- Exosite. Pretty similar to Thingspeak
- IFTTT. This also a cloud site, with witch you can have your sensor data communicate with other services on the web like google, facebook, twitter
- Openhab. Is a open home automation software that runs on the Raspberry Pi, it also has a android app. Unfortunately not that easy to configure.
- EasyIoT. Is a pretty new server application, that looks great on the web and phone browser. Still new and in development. 

Like I said all projects are have there pros and there cons. If somebody has to contribute to this list, please do. 



4 years ago

There is https://plot.ly/


5 years ago

Kinoma Create. Lots of promise. Hard to program