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Iphone 4S Internal Speaker? Answered

I just purchased an Iphone 4S from verizon 2 days ago, it is the white model. However, the Internal Speaker will not work, and has never worked for anything: Apps, Music, Videos, Ringtones, etc. I made sure the phone was not on silent mode and the volume was up high. 

I thought that the headphone detection could be malfunctioning, however when in music, I set the volume to highest possible with no headphones and then plugged in my headphones and the volume bar went to the previous setting with headphones. This makes me assume that it knows to play out of the speakers.

Help would be appreciated, if the solution is not fixed, I will be trading in the phone at verizon.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Take it back. As it is now, it should be under warranty, but if you start messing with it, then it will void the warranty. If it was DOA, then they shouldn't give you any trouble.


7 years ago

Try checking your volume settings in the settings->sounds menu. Apple has a strange thing with a volume for ringer and a separate volume for sounds, which sometimes makes it hard to change the one you want. If you are playing music with headphones in, and then unplug them the music automatically stops, so make sure its playing correctly. If this doesnt help, hard reset the phone by holding the hold and home buttons until apple logo appears. At last resort, try a restore through itunes. If nothing helps, you definitely want to return the phone or talk to someone at an apple store. They might be able to further help you...