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Iphone controlled Gopro? Answered

Ok, total noob here. First, I have a knockoff Gopro camera (Pyle). Are there instructions out here to build the capability to basically turn the camera on and off at will, remotely via cell phone? I'd like to be able to see what the dog is doing during the day. Since I have a "gopro", I'd like to just plug it into a device that I can turn on and off via the internet. This allows me to use the camera for an additional purpose. I would envision a box with all of the electronics inside that has a single cable that plugs into my camera. The box would be hooked up via Wi-Fi in the house to the internet. Not sure if I'm describing this correctly or not, but thanks in advance for help / advice / etc.



1 year ago

I never succeeded controlling a REAL Gopro from my iPhone. Always took an iPad and then it was a bugger to link up :-/

wavy chipsiceng

Reply 1 year ago

Thanks! Seems like it shouldn't be that hard to rig up, but I guess it is.