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Ipod nano? Answered

Ok... so I have an Ipod nano 8GB. My questions are,  is there a way to put games on it without using rockbox and if not then does rockbox make it to where the normal ipod os  no longer works or will  it be an optional thing which one runs?


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Which generation? (Is it square-ish or more rectangular, what color/type of bac does it have?)
If it is 1-2g, you can install rockbox on it fine. I have it on my ipod. There are stock games that come with it, but I've heard you can port Doom to it, as well as NES games. Any other games I am not sure of. You can easily switch between the iPod OS or Rockbox, I do it all the time, You just have to restart and flip the hold switch to go into ipod OS.