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Ipod touch 4g wifi problems? Answered

Well, I got my new ipod touch 4g a few days back, and the WIFI connected and worked fine for a few days, until today- thats when the trouble started. Now I cannot get a wireless internet connection. The ipod recognizes the wireless network, and even lets me connect to it. But when I connect to it, and open safari (or another internet app) it will not load anything (safari says its not connected to the internet). Everything worked fine yesterday... I did not change anything (but there was a 20 minute power outage today). My sisters ipod connects to the network and runs perfectly though... and its the same model. Ended up with a temprary fix by re-routing the ethernet through my computer to WIFI... If it helps any we have an apple router :)
Thanks! Astroboy907



Best Answer 8 years ago

the power outage could have caused some of the problems but it should connect to the wifi. try restarting your ipod then try and connect to it again. if that doesnt work go into itunes and restore your ipod to the last backup.

Did you get the update for the software i believ the new version is 4.0.1


8 years ago

I have that problem too . Restarting didnt help neither downgrading&upgrading software . Any help ?


Answer 8 years ago

hmm- try disconnecting/restarting the router or your main internet connection...


8 years ago

Hmm- problem fixed itself :/ idk why


8 years ago

Something similar happened to me, I just had the wrong password. Try typing it in again and see if that helps.