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Ipod touch for droid Answered

Would you guys consider a ipod touch for a droid a good deal. The ipod has a 40$ case and is a 8gb.


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2 years ago

So I accidentially dropped my Ipod into the toilet, don't worry the water was clean! It was working for awhile and I set it out in the sun to dry. I was at practice for a couple of hours so I couldn't put it in rice right away. After I came home I put my ipod in rice and put it under a lamp (to get all the water out) but I don't know what else to do. I plugged my ipod in and it won'turn on still. Is it completely water damaged or is there a way I can fix it? I have very important pictures on there that I can't ever get back and it was never stored onto my computer or icloud. Please help.


10 years ago

No. Im a phone nerd and the motorola droid is an excellent phone that may be nearing the end of its lifecycle but is still an excellent device. And an 8gig ipod touch amounts to pretty much nothing compared to an actual phone running a google supported linux. Not a good deal at all