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Irritation -- ads from the evil doubleclick.net hang my connection Answered

Every once in a while, I'll follow a link in I'bles -- to a forum topic, an Answer, a comment I received, whatever -- and the browser tab will simply hang. It'll sit there with the spinning dial for as long as I care to wait.

I've deduced (from the nice cascade of "connecting to" messages at the bottom of Firefox) that this always and only happens with ads coming from doubleclick.net. I suspect those evil goons (they've been evil for about a decade now) are trying to acquire cookies, which I specifically disable. Their server (by design, presumably) continually requests cookies, hanging the user's interface, rather than properly failing out.

My understanding is that I'bles doesn't (or didn't) accept advertising that required cookies. If that is still the case, could Staff take appropriate action on this matter? If not, just tell me and I'll turn on AdBlocking for anything from doubleclick.net.


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Lithium Rain
Lithium Rain

11 years ago

aHA! You have solved the mystery! I thought it was my internet connection. I nearly went insane trying to solve this. :D