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Is Birch a good wood for Bow Making? Answered

I would really appreciate any help from experienced archers on this topic, i dont want someone saying "just strap some bamboo together" becasue i want to make an actual self-bow and the most readily available tree around here is birch.



Best Answer 10 years ago

The most important factor when making a self bow is not the type of wood, but the state of the grain - it must be as straight as possible, especially on the back of the bow.

Denser woods store more energy, but less-dense woods can be used if a wider pattern is used.

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9 years ago

I made a good bow out of birch but I had to spread some homemade wood wash to soften it I hear that soaking it in water for a while then putting it over an open flame for a minute will make it really flexible

 in fact it is traditionally done that way with wood bows