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Is Instructables an international website ? Answered

My question could appear a little strange but i'll try to explain...

English is not my natural born language but my skills are good enought to understand most of instructables, and anyways, english is know the only international language. And it's not a problem.

the problem is about metering ! i'm really in troubles with imperials / us measure !

the IS is universal ! There is only 3 country in the world using pounds, inches, or other exotic measurment !

It's really hard for normal people !

So my question should be " Is Instructables an "america's first" website ?

Maybe instructables could be write using the IS instead... should be great for the 4 billions human wich are nor American, Burmese or Liberian !

Thanks for reading



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1 year ago

Glue a ruler to your computer :)

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

It is not an official policy. There is not much top-down control here.

It is not like everyone gets a memo that says: Everyone's instructables must be written in English. Moreover everyone must use inscrutable archaic units, like pounds, troy ounces, inches, and teaspoonfuls, instead of honest SI units, like grams (g), centimeters (cm), and milliliters (mL).

Rather, the Instructables website is like a fish monger, who casts his net into the ocean, and then drags out all the weird, slimy, biomass that happened to get caught in his net.

It turns out, the units, the language, even the brand names of materials or ingredients, are all choices made by the individual authors of each individual instructable.

The really crazy part, is many of those individual authors actually think their writing is understandable, and maybe it is, to persons who speak the same dialect, and shop in the same stores they do.

If the Instructables fish catching machine was smarter, perhaps it would offer better ways to sort the strange fish it catches, like for example, by restricting search results to a specific human language, like French.

Google can do this, using "lr=lang_", like this:

(For some reason when I tested this, it required a push: hit "enter", or click "Search", to make it work.)

At present, Instructables' own search, the Let's make search, is still very limited. It has been that way for years, and I am not sure if it will ever be improved.