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Is Pro status needed for photo text box to work? Answered

I am trying to post an instructable.  A few weeks ago I gave up on the photo text box feature because the site just stuck the same text box on all of my pictures.  I am trying again and getting the same result, except this time it is actually important to have the photo notes.  Do I need to use a different computer? I am tired of wasting time and effort for nothing and am getting really frustrated.  This instructable has a lot of steps, so just using one photo is not an option.



Best Answer 7 years ago

The text boxes (or image notes, as they are officially called) have been a pain in the butt on this site for quite a while. Many users report the notes not saving if they use punctuation like commas or slashes. My best advice would be to switch to a different browser. ( i am a huge nerd and have 7 different browsers to choose from.) The most bug-free browsers i use (relating to this site, anyway) are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. They are both free to download and easy to install. Try one of those. Also, post this on the "Report a bug" forum, you might get some more specialized help.


Answer 7 years ago

You are probably right about different browsers making a difference. Our desktop and laptop use different versions of Windows, and may have different browsers. I use the desktop to build the basic 'ible and the laptop to add or fix the image notes. I also just ignore crazy error messages that pop up on the old computer, and have been able to write a couple more instructables.


7 years ago

A different computer may be the answer. I logged in from the laptop and the vanished text boxes magically reappeared. I am leaving this question up because I am sure that someone else is going to have the same problem.