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Is a DIY easy(wish) automated dispenser on a timer possible? Answered

Hi all!

My 11yo son is determined to make an automated medicine dispenser that releases medication at set times as his science project for school. (Inspired by 2 of his grandparents who are doing it tough with cancer). His idea is to basically automate the pill dispense so that the carer can load up each dose, and it will be released at the predetermined time, hopefully with an alarm or similar, to notify the patient... It's a intermediate school science project so doesn't need to be commercially ready, but he's struggling to work out how to automate it and attach the timer/clock function. Any ideas? I'm decidedly more mechanically minded than his dad, but that's not saying much, and whilst our son is definitely mechanically minded, up to this point he hasn't really had any circuitry etc or motors to work with, beyond lego technics etc. Is anyone able to point me in the direction of what might do the trick, without breaking the bank?

Thanks so much!!


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2 years ago

Hello there, just thought to give a suggestion about it and I don't know it could help or not.

first of all a great hats off to your son for his kindness to help his grandparents in their tough days.

What you need in this project is a timer circuitry. Timers can be set using arduino modules with some codes according to your need but unfortunately I dont have much experience in it. also it need additional screen to set time according to your need or should be directly coded in it using pc.

What I'm suggesting is a simple and cheaper method which deals with modifying a basic clock which has an alarm function in it. In that way we could set the time for the medicine in it just like setting the alarm but it actually drives a small dc motor(or any other) which dispenses the medicines. If the clock has multiple alarm function then one is enough. if it has only single alarm function then we need more clock for each time . say for morning, noon, evening. I could help you with this idea if you are interested.


Answer 2 years ago

thank you so much for your response- it’s very helpful and very informative! (Apologies for the dearly in reply, things took a turn for the worse with my parents and we’ve been keeping vigil.)

I think your basic alarm clock modification idea is brilliant...now just to hunt them down, find a couple of dc motors, and figure out what to do!

Thanks again @adhith94 it really is appreciated!


Reply 2 years ago

I'm very sorry to reply this late. I haven't seen your reply. Have been working on college thesis and couldn't spent much time here. I'm glad you like the alarm clock modification. Also if you want to make a simple timer you could build a circuit called Schmid trigger with 555 IC (in mono stable mode). its super easy to build and takes less than 15 min to build also. You can adjust the timer by changing the values of the capacitor or resistor. If you want to avoid all those circuit building then you could buy 'timer delay relay modules' online. most of them comes with a screen to adjust the time duration.