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Is a helmet lighter when made with a plastic cast mix or a resin mix? Answered

See, I am making an airsoft helmet and I wanted to know if using a plastic cast mix (such as the Smooth-on brand) would be lighter than a resin mix (such as fiberglass resin and Aqua Resin). Please give me an answer and/or links to find out more.



8 years ago

The difference (for the same thickness) isn't going to be all that great. If you're looking for a light but strong helmet, fiberglass cloth saturated with epoxy will give that result.  It's a lot more work to lay up though.

FWIW the terms "casting plastic" and "resin" are pretty much interchangeable, though the kind of polymer varies.  So-called liquid "fiberglass" resin from the auto parts store is a polyester resin and smells to high heaven because it has styrene in it.  Most casting resins are polyurethanes and will set very quickly.  Epoxy resins are generally stronger than either polyester or polyurethane.

Hope this helps.


Answer 8 years ago

I really thank you for your advice but, could you show me an instructable or a link where I can learn how to use fiber glass cloth and epoxy resin to make a decent helmet?