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Is an IKEA pine bed frame safe enough for the environment and durable enough to re-purpose into a raised plant bed? Answered

I've had this bed frame from IKEA for 6 years now. Its almost entirely cheap pine, and I won't be needing it as a bed anymore. I do need a raised bed for plants outside and was wondering if this would safe enough for the environment and also be durable enough for the elements?



8 years ago

It will be cool. Do it.


8 years ago

Safe? Probably. Most modern finishes are essentially nontoxic after they dry.

Durable? Well, it isn't pressure-treated wood, so it will rot over time. And it isn't exactly "garden timber" sized. On the other hand, you could probably start with this and replace it if/when it does rot out.

That's assuming it *is* actually pine. A lot of low-cost furniture is fiberboard (MDF) with a foil skin that looks like wood, and MDF is definitely *not* weather-resistant. Pine is cheap enough that it's probably real, even from Ikea.