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Is an ultrasonic transducer for measuring liquid levels... capable of being used for an ultrasonic cleaning transducer? Answered

I am working on something I know nothing about. I have a transducer (from a liquid level sensor) and an ultrasonic generator... can I make an ultrasonic cleaner with it or is the transducer the wrong type?


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The Lightning Stalker
The Lightning Stalker

Best Answer 11 years ago

Probably not. To make an effective ultrasonic cleaner, you need a fairly powerful transducer. I saw some piezoelectrics on eBay a while back that would do the trick. Then you just attach the transducer(s) to the bottom or one side of your container. Remember that more volts with a piezoelectric make it bend more, and that translates into more power. Pump as many volts into that thing as you can without breaking it.