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Is anyone growing their own coffee, say around the 38th parallel? Answered

I read conflicting reports on the internet (imagine!). Some may actually do it outside. Anyone here know?



Best Answer 10 years ago

You'd probably need to grow it in a greenhouse. Coffee likes shade, humidity, and lots of heat--like the jungle floor, its native habitat. There are several people doing it, from small scale hobby farmers to large-scale greenhouse growers. You could probably go with a DIY coffee greenhouse setup, but it take about 3 years for the plants to reach maturity...if you're patient enough and work hard enough, though, I bet it would be really rewarding!



10 years ago

I am a coffee addict, and I haven't really picked apart what is the ideal setting for a coffee tree to thrive in, is. But what I have figured out is that different coffee trees like different situations. Mostly they can't get too cold or too hot, humidity has to be considered as well as altitude. This is what stopped me from pursuing it myself. I think that with some ingenuity and desire, that it could be done, but it maybe very involved, like a controlled environment. Plus it may grow just fine outside and just not produce fruit. But I don't think they can survive much of a frost. Hope this helps.