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Is electromagnetic wave can travel with ultrasonic wave? Answered

Is electromagnetic wave can travel with ultrasonic wave.If yes,then how far an ultrasonic wave will travel in air medium.




Best Answer 2 years ago

I do not know what a BE like you use for dimensions.. Let me try to help.

Have you ever seen a electrical flash and then heard the sound a moment of time later..

What you saw was an electromagnetic wave traveling at the speed of light..

What you heard was a pressure wave traveling at the Much much slower speed of sound,,

I see you did a neat ible where you used an ultrasonic avoidance gadget for Blind people.. How do blind people use that LCD ?

NO ! an EM wave can not travel with Ultrasonic wave :-(

Very Sorry.. Even a very high frequency sound only travels at the very slow speed of sound when compared to the lightning flash electromagnetic spark traveling to the EM receptors in your head..

Josehf Murchisoniceng

Answer 2 years ago

I never would have known he did a blind DIY if you never said something iceng.

As a legally blind person I must check it out and give him my two cents.

Josehf Murchison

2 years ago

I see you are from India.

Are you using a translator program?

If you are asking; if you can build a radio transmitter, to transmit an ultrasonic signal via radio waves?

Yes you can, and the signal perceivable distance will only be limited by line of sight, transmitter power, and receiver sensitivity.

A radio transmitters carrier wave can be any frequency you want even subsonic frequencies. However the greater difference between the carrier wave and information signal the better the information clarity.


2 years ago

The question is meaningless. The underlying operation of EM waves is completely different from sound waves. EM waves are transverse, soundwaves are longitudinal.

You are an electronics student, studying for a BE. This is utterly fundamental stuff.


2 years ago

no - if I understand your question.

Sound is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum and you cannot modulate a low frequency sound wave with a very high frequency RF wave.