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Is is risky to move lots of files around on a flash drive? Answered

I have a large solid-state external drive and a 128G flash drive I use as backups for my computer, and I need to do some organizing with the files on them.  When I started storing data on them I was using Windows 7, but I've been using Linux Mint for over a year now and would like to reorganize my backups around the Mint Home folder rather than My Documents.  The drives contain a mountain of old files from the Windows machine (60+ gigs), and I'm worried that if I start rearranging massive groups of files that I could lose some of the old data.

The machine I'm using now is Linux Mint.  The drives are setup as NTFS and Fat32.  Is there any risk on moving so much around, or does the computer simply change the address path and leave the data sitting where it is?  Is there some kind of best-practice for this kind of procedure to minimize any risk of loss?



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3 years ago

Make a backup of the drive as it is. That way if you corrupt anything you can go back to where you were.

In fact I would have 2 backups. 1 the original and the other an on going backup as you move files. That way if something bad happens you don't necessarily have to go all the way back to the start.

The principle behind backups is simple. The more important the files are the more often you back them up.

For maximum safety keep a GrandFather - Father - Son versions.

Next time you back up :

The Father gets written to the Grandfather,

The Son gets written to the Father

and the Son is over written by the new data.

This way you have 3 generations to go back to if one file gets corrupted.

Backup, Backup, Backup - It isn't hard and yet almost no one does it.