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Is it better to use a MOSFET with an Optocouple for PWM? Answered

I want to control an LED strip from a microcontroller, ideally with parts I have on hand:


- PC123 Optocouple

- ESP32 Microcontroller (Has 5V power regulator)

- 12V LED strip (5m)

A lot of the tutorials online seem to suggest that only a MOSFET are required (Except this one, which seems to me like a safer way of designing this, since I get to treat the 12V and 5V circuits as completely separate). I have a relatively limited knowledge of these things but it seems like sending the full current through the microcontroller on the ground side is a bad idea.

Is it safe to run the LED strip's ground through the microcontroller?

Are there any additional steps I should take to make sure I don't destroy my LEDs, MicroController, or anything else?


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