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Is it forbiden in instructables to show brands in our steps? Answered

Is it forbiden in instructables to show brands in our steps?



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It is not forbidden at all.  If you've got a picture of a tool or component or whatever, it's likely to have the brand on it somewhere.  If you bought a particular item for your project, and it's important (or useful) that that exact item be used for the project to work, then you should say so.

However, if you're just bringing in all of your own products as a form of sneaky advertising, we call that "spam."  The users who see it will flag your I'ble (or forum topic), and it is likely to be remove.  This also violates the Terms of Service agreement and your account may be subject to termination.


9 years ago

Is it that important for you to show them?

I don't know the exact rules, (nor do I really care enough to hunt it down) but I would not think so, within reason. If a design, recipe, etc calls for a certain brand of material, it may be hard to duplicate by using someone elses' product.

For instance, I have a small compendium of recipes that I've created over the years. While some have ingredients that can be substituted without any change in the final product, I do not believe that swapping this noodle or that meat for another wil result in the same product, so I'd be highly inclined not to bother if that rule was in place. For instance, I often use Kraft grated Parmesan (it is the best I can afford) in recipes that use parmesan cheese. I DO strongly believe that the flavor of the recipes is in part determined by the use of that particular brand, so I would not be inclined to say "Parmesan" unless I also said (Kraft grated Parmesan is preferred in order to get the result I claim)

I know that most everyone who eats what I make ends up wanting to lick their plates, so it must be tasty to more than just me...And I'd prefer to either not share or share and say DO IT LIKE I SAID. I don't need a democracy to dictate what is and isn't used in my concepts.

I also tend to use margarine, so I always have a note in my recipes that says (I use margarine. your results may vary if you prefer butter, and you may want to use a little less, since margarine has a higher water content)

But a brand of bolt is silly, as is  which brand of screwdriver is used, or the saw mill that cut a piece of wood...Saying "Elmer's glue" isn't a crime, even if there are people here who might think so. No-one's being paid for this except for Instructables employees and related people ...Using a particular brand of stain, is, imnsho also quite similar to the question of which brand of cheese, so that would make sense as well.

This is not to say that one should be acting as a representative of  "Moma Jones' products", and copying over a company recipe as though it were actually an individual's contribution, as that would imnsho (in my not so humble opinion) just be a fraudulent use of this venue.  The moral rule applies. This isn't a forum for guile in salesmanship. Or at least it shouldn't be imo.

Now, of course this is all academic for me, because I still have fundamental issues with handing out my ideas to the general public and have published exactly ZERO instructables. I'll gladly answer questions (like this one and the one or two others I've answered since I joined up), but I'll keep to handing my recipes and ideas to trusted individuals until I change my mind on the other.


Answer 9 years ago

.  Excellent answer.
.  I hope you change your mind about sharing your recipes.


9 years ago

AFAIK, it's not forbidden. At least I hope not, because I do it all the time. Using an Instructable as an advertisement in an attempt to get around paying for ad space is a no-no, but showing the label of a product that you use in a real Instructable doesn't seem to be a problem.