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Is it legal to camp one the beach for a night in Florida, Georgia, And South Carolina? Answered

I am planning a sailing trip to the keys and wanted to know if it was legal to bring my canoe outrigger ashore and then pitch a tent while I heat a tasty can of beans up  :)



7 years ago

Depends on the specific beach. Plan your trip in advance, know which beaches you're thinking of pulling up on, and contact the folks responsible for those beaches to find out what their rules are.

Among other things, it definitely would *not* be a good idea to do this in a wildlife sanctuary -- so you really do need to know which beach is which.


7 years ago

Individual townships usually decide about beach rights but fire hazards and
private ownership may have rules on camping including government land.
Navigation charts will certainly inform on gov restrictions. Local marinas with
a harbor master can also be very helpful.
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