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Is it okay for family members to enter and potentially win the same contests? Answered

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at and potentially answer my question.  

  Since I I started writing Instructables some months ago, my mom and little sister have both started writing as well.  It has been great fun writing along side them as whenever we meet up to have a family dinner the converstation usually turns to contests or ideas for new Instructables that we think would be really poplular.  Up until this point we have all been entering different contests following our natrural affinities for certain types of projects but now a few contests have come up that we'd all like to enter.  So I was just curious if there is a rule against family members enter and potentially winning the same contests.  Thanks for your time!



5 years ago

As long as you separate people with separate usernames, then
siblings, parents, and family are all allowed to enter into a contest
with the potential to win a prize.

We've also had a few instances
where father+son, mother+daughter, sisters team up on the same account
and combine their strengths into one entry under one account.

Good luck!


Reply 5 years ago

"We've also had a few instances where father+son...team up on the same account and combine their strengths into one entry under one account."


We've still got a bit of Gorilla Glue left...

Matt MakesKiteman

Reply 5 years ago

Thank you mikasaurus and Kiteman, I appreciate you both taking the time to answer my question.