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Is it possible if a pc read data from ethernet shield directly? Answered

I want to transmit the data via internet connection. I use ethernet shield to transmit the data and receives the data, like i use ethernet shield as a web server. And i want to display the data on PC. Is it possible if  a pc read data from ethernet shield directly? how is it possible?


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Best Answer 8 years ago

The ethernet shield assumes one thing: You have an understanding of various transfer protocols. You can have your ethernet shield act like a server, or as a client.

What exactly do you want to get from where, to where?

If you want to log sensor data over the network, its probably best to have the server on the internet or on your computer and have your ethernet arduino act as a client, posting HTTP submit data to that server. (See also: tweet-a-watt, the base station that receives the xbee information gives the data to the computer which then uploads it to Google analytics). Likewise if you have a lot of actuators, on separate arduinos you don't want a server on each one; you want a central server with each module connecting to it asking for instructions.

If you want to control your device from the web or another networked device, its probably best to have the server on the 'duino and then have your other controlling device log in and send commands that way.

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel for you; there are hundreds of examples of both topologies available, here on ibles, and elsewhere (particularly the arduino playground).


8 years ago

Presumably you want to set up a socket to talk to a specific port over UDP ?