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Is it possible to DIY a new Control Pod for Logitech Z4? Answered

I gota cracked Logitech Z4 Controller, tried to look at ebay but found nothing! Can I DIY it?


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9 years ago

Unfamiliar with it, but from the photo that seems to be a satellite/sub speaker system. If so, the "control pod" is either two or three amplifier channels plus a crossover to separate the low frequencies which should be handled by the sub from those which can be handled by the desktop speakers.

Can be homebrewed, if you're willing/able to do the analog circuit design. At this point my standard pointer to Jung's "IC Op Amp Cookbook" may be useful; op-amps are about as simple an approach to analog circuitry as you can possibly find, and Jung accumulated a huge number of useful designs -- with full explanations so they can be adapted if necessary -- into that book. That does presume you have some basic electronic experience and understanding -- that you can read a schematic, understand current flow, and have at least a clue about input impedence and feedback circuits.