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Is it possible to build some sort of wifi signal relay station? Answered

I have a linksys Wireless N router which doesnt seem to have the power needed to reach all corners of my house... It also has no antennas (and i don't have money at all so a wifi usb thing isnt an option) so none of the guides here about wifi boosting dont really work. So i had an idea about how to fix this but had no idea how to implement it....

Here's my idea: build some sort of relay station to extend the range


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Is this possible? I have an old linksys router with two antennas if that helps


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Best Answer 10 years ago

Yes, it's possible. These are commercially available, in fact. Conceptually, it's two wireless routers back-to-back, with one of them set up as a bridge (ie, it connects to the first router and puts traffic onto its own wires, then the other takes that traffic and couples it back to another WiFi radio channel).

Since you said you had no money: You can sometimes create a relay by plugging two spare WiFi cards into a spare PC and telling its driver to bridge from one to the other. That doesn't require much processor power, so you could throw it together out of used equipment that you might be able to get relatively cheap. It'd burn a lot more electricity, which has its own costs, of course.

Another approach would be to run cat5 cable for some distance, and plug a second router in there.

But the simplest and cheapest solution might be to relocate your existing router to someplace closer to the middle of your house. Unless  your place is particularly huge or built out of particularly WiFi-unfriendly materials, that will probably be all you need.