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Is it possible to connect 2 motion sensors to a two way light? Answered

I want to add 2 motion sensors to my staircase lights, but in the same time be able to control them from two switches. One at the bottom and one at the top of the stairs. Is that possible?


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1 year ago

In theory it is...
Problem is that by default no relay is used, just two two switches with the lamp between them.
Had these troubles to solve a few times :(

Easiest way IMHO:
Place the sensors and wire them to power.
The output from both sensors is wired to the lamp - onto the same LIVE wire coming from the switches.
If the sensors provide both neutral and live on the output you wire both but makes no real difference)
Like that the lamp wll be activated by the switches OR the sensors.
Means if you switch the light on the sensors won't be able to turn it off.

Slightly better option but requires a bit more:
Right now there should be two wires going from switch to switch.
Live goes into one of the switches and from the other switch the connection to the lamp is made.
There are motion detectors available that have an override input.
Means whatever is connected to the sensor can be switched on and off with a normal switch if need be.
The live wire currently going to the lamp would need to be re-routed to the sensors.
The live wirre currently coming from the switch and going to the lamp would be wired to the override input of the sensors.
Like this motion detection and switches stay independent and you can switch the light off even f the timer of the sensor would say to stay on.
Mind you though that these types of motion detectors cost about twice as much as a standard one.