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Is it possible to connect old copimachine LCD to arduino? Answered

Hi everyone!

Im new here in the forums and i think its a great community. I have always been in love with robots and electronics ever since i was little. And now im starting to play with the world of arduino!

I recently scrapped an old copimachine for parts. Mostly steppers, shafts and other usefull stuff. In the machine there was an color LCD touch display. Its about $100 new on Ebay. But before i sell it off i would like to know if i could hook it up on the Arduino and use it as an display to show the time ect. It has an outer touchscreen sensor also. Can I get it to work or do  i just need to sell it an buy an 16X2 green and black lcd instead? 

The screen model is LSUGC2131A (google it) or see this http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/LSUGC2022A-LSUGC2131A/811238_884227702.html

Also if anyone can find the Datasheet for this one it would be a great help.
Any help is appreciated :)

- Joey 


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