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Is it possible to copy TV programs onto an external hard drive through Sky +? Answered





10 years ago

Open the flap that hides your Sky+ card.

There is a USB socket there.

According to the engineer that installed our Sky+ system:

The original intention was that files could be transferred to and from the box, via that socket, but plans changed. The moulds for the cases had already been built, so it proved cheaper to keep the socket than design it out. The vast majority of boxes only have power connected to that socket (my son charges his MP3 player from our box), but a small number of boxes "slipped through" before the plans were changed, and it is possible to access the HDD via the socket and copy files off it.

That is just according to the engineer - I have found no information to confirm or deny it. When I emailed Sky to ask, their reply was vague in the extreme, and did not actually answer the question.


10 years ago

If your PC will take a video-in and you've got video-capture software you may be able to do this. I feed video and DVD into my machine through a composite video jack and line-in (audio). Windows Movie Maker or Cyberlink Power Cinema capture. L