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Is it possible to create a 555 timer AM transmitter with a serial connection to a pc? Answered

I am only wondering and it would be awsome instead i would have to buy a HAM radio, (BTW i have my amature radio licence)

The reason for the serial connection would be so i can play some of my music though it, or maybe even if USB or Fire-wire could be posible


Lectric Wizard

6 years ago

You can buy USB audio cards on eBay for a couple of bucks & connect the audio out from this to your transmitter. Here's a quick schematic I threw together to show how to really amplitude modulate a 555. Lots of calculators online to figure out values so I didn't bother.

555 AM TX.png

8 years ago

I am working on a similar project with a friend. Instead of an AM transmitter I am using an FM transmitter. However, the major snag to this (unless you are plugging it straight into the audio jack) is writing a driver for the computer to understand how to transmit the signal through the USB or Firewire port. Unless you are very good at programming you will have a major problem here. You're best bet is to use the audio jack and plug it straight into the transmitter. Best of luck and post how well it works!