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Is it possible to display a video game system/dvd player through a cheap projector? Answered

I want to find a way to project my video game systems and dvd player onto my ceiling, so that I can play/watch while I'm laying in bed. I do not have the money nor the inclination to mess with an actual projection tv, and in any case, I doubt one could be configured to do that. The best idea I've come up with is to somehow run my systems through my computer and use a computer projector; this would also have the benefit of allowing me to surf the net from my bed too. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this, or better alternatives? All my systems have standard red-yellow-white component cable outputs, and I have a regular tv I can run the audio through if need be.



10 years ago

Sure is possible. There are converter boxes available (usually used to connect LCD monitors to TV systems), but most half-decent projectors come with at least one RCA input anyway. Take a look at the projectors when you're shopping and ask if they have a converter box if it doesn't have the jacks you need.