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Is it possible to etch PCB's with HCL? Answered

i bought one of ladyada's USBtinyisp avr programmers a few days ago, its working great! i program alot in visual basic but i never tried anything quite like the C similar programming of the avr chips. because of that i reprogram my chip ALOT, so i decided to make a target board. i already have the "blank" board and a UV lamp to prepare it. i have sodium hydroxide to develop it. all i need is something to etch off the copper. so i was wondering: can i etch off the copper with 32% hydrochloric acid/muratic acid/HCL?


Pranjal Joshi

7 years ago

you cant use HCl directly...
oxidize it first by adding twice amount of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is available at nearest medical shop...!!


10 years ago

Not directly, you have to oxidize the copper first. If you can get some copper oxide (the black stuff) and add it to the HCL, and then add the board, it will etch it.

see here for more info:

Ive used the same HCL/CuO mix for a loong time. If you cant get ahold of CuO, you can get a hold of copper carbonate from potting supplies, heat it up in a pan from the dollar store with a propane torch (or oven-it only releases CO2) and it will turn into black CuO.