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Is it possible to fit a charging coil to a pull start honda engine to charge a 12v battery? Answered

Is it possible to fit only a charging coil to a pull start honda engine to charge a 12v battery without having to fit the whole electric start kit. I am wondering if this is the only thing needed to make it charge a 12v battery or are there other things in the kit that must be installed to charge a battery.



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5 years ago

The alternator provides a regulated output for the battery, simply charging coils will require a rectifier and regulator.

Your kit would also include the starter motor and switches required - just a charging circuit and battery won't start your engine.

If your only concern is to build a petrol driven battery charger get a cheap and small car alternator attch it to the drive shaft of your motor.

Depending on the speeds either directly or with a pulley system.


Answer 5 years ago

I agree. There is one way to have a starter and charger, but making it work is more than a bit of work. Why do you think it took so long for hybrid cars to get off the ground. Generators, like what cars had before alternators, can be run as an electric motor if you run current through them. I have never gotten it to work, but the generators I have access to are nearly ancient. It is a fun idea though.