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Is it possible to generate and display waves using the same arduino due board in real time??? Answered

OK!So I intend to design an Arduino Waveform Generator interfaced with the Nokia LCD 5110 with Keypad support.I have successfully incorporated the Keypad interfacing part but have stumbled upon waveform display on the Lcd. My program generates waves on DAC1 which i then give as input on the Analog(A0) pin of Arduino Due just like an oscilloscope takes an input externally.i tried merging it with another program which takes an analog input from the function generator and displays it on the LCD.More importantly,the programs work fine individually! So,is it possible to do this on the same board????Where could i possible be going wrong? Reply asap !!


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4 years ago

The arduino boards only have one processing thread to do everything, so it has to jump from one thing, then the other thing, then back to the first thing, etc in order to do pseudo multithreading. Generating audio with digital technology has been a difficult thing for computers and stuff in the very early days (70's, 80s, even up until the 90's).

IBM PCs had a buzzer that was controlled by the CPU and could only generate beeps, possibly different types of beeps, but just beeps nonetheless. And some of the early sound cards used specialized ASIC chips that could produce a few different waveforms and had so many "voices." You could program each "voice" to play a specific sound or waveform, and then all the CPU need to do is just tell the chip to play this voice or that voice, and any number of voices could be played simultaneously. As technology improved and CPUs became much faster, than it was possible to make sound cards that were able to not only make noise, but have actually replay sampled audio.

So what you could probably do is find a old synthesizer chip and interface the arduino to that chip and create some 8 bit music!