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Is it possible to get an Olympus Zuiko lens to work on a Canon EOS mount (20D specifically)? Answered

Hello, I was wondering if an Olympus Zuiko lens could be mount with an adaptor onto a Canon 20D. (This lens). If so, would it be able to have the full function of a canon lens? For example, auto focus, aperture, etc.

I have never used any lens but canon on my camera. Does anyone speak from experience?




8 years ago

No. Atleast not very well. The canon uses a different sensor size than the Olympus 4/3 sensor. The Oly. lens won't cover very well and you'll get a bad image around the edges.

Also there are no adapters to mate the electronic controls to the lens and you may not even be able to get it to focus.

You need to stay with canon lenses. You can mount Canon film lenses very easily to the camera if you don't mind manual focus and manual exposure control.

Google "canon fourm" THere is a really nice forum (photography on the net or something like that) and the people there can rattle this stuff off like you wouldn't believe.


8 years ago

There are a variety of after sales converters for camera lenses - I think you would be better off going to a reputable camera shop with camera lens and Camera so you can try it.