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Is it possible to join any Contest if you are from Austria? Answered

Just looked at the contests, and noticed that it doesn't mention Austria. So is this intentionally or just a mistake? I hope for the second ._.


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Best Answer 5 years ago

Anybody can enter any contest from any country.

However, only those living in the countries listed can legitimately win a contest.

But, the site does not officially know where you live until you win. At that point, they send you a message to ask where to send the prize.

If you have a friend or relative living in one of the listed countries, you can give their address. The prize gets sent to them, and then you and your friend get the prize to you at your own expense. The perfect solution for you would be a contact in Germany - looking at a map, the border is only a couple of hours' drive from you.

This is not official site advice, but they have never objected to me giving it.