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Is it possible to make a nonelectric water feature? Answered

If its possible can you explain how to.



9 years ago

 Yes, Look at "Pneumatics of Heron of Alexandria". The theory is that with the correct amount of water,using a container sealed with a Pipe inside at about 1-2 inches from the top and protruding out the bottom ,and  a spout  on the lower end.The water can flow out of the spout into a basin. (water effect) and the basin having a hole in the bottom with a hose connected to the protruding pipe of the container will in effect cause the syphon of water to be drawn up the tube into the container and in effect continue to do so until all the water either evaporates or something clogs the hole in the basin.  Here is how it works: Water in the container comes out the spout causing a vacuum in the container which draws water up the pipe and spills out into the container.  the process starts over again. Evaporation is the only thing keeping this from being a perpetual type machine. Flow rates need to be adjusted by the spout. Simple no electricity water effect. 


10 years ago

The Romans and Greeks had fountains without electricity, so yes, it's possible. No idea how to do it, though I suspect gravity and suction are at work. All hail Google!