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Is it possible to make a shoe printer out of an old desktop printer? Answered

Hi everyone, I am just a marine engineering student and I always used to visit this page before and I really learned a lot from this page I really love it. It sound wierd but I got 999 "what if's" In my mind and one of them is what if I could make my own device that could paint my sneakers In any design I want? So now I'm planning to make a shoe printer out of my old desktop printer, Is it possible? The motors and some parts might be helpful and those are needed some time and a little bit of coding. And I want it to work like a cnc plotter. But the hardest part for me is the "Inking part" A.) "How does a printer manipulate colors?" . Let's say I want to print an apple with a white background on my shoe , how does a printer selects/mix a color for each coordination they paint? ( base, outline, background and etc. ) I mean, how do they do that? what device does this part for the printer? So that I could add it on the list. B.) "What process should I use? " . Is it heating? Should I use lazer? Or should I use a tiny nozzle? Or a multiple of nozzles? Or is it piezo electric pulses? What piece should it be? that would perfectly Suitable for printing on a sneakers? (Canvas) Additional question : (if ever) what type of ink should I use ? Any answer or suggestions would be so much appreciated



6 months ago

Not really... Maybe if you don't want to draw by hand, you can create some type of articulating arm for a brush/marker, that will help you hold it in the air steadily. Just an idea.


6 months ago

Before you going into things consider that the distance from the head to the paper is not much more than what the paper is thick.
A shoe is far from flar or even, so you would need something like whats used in the industry to make the date stamps on bottles or cans.
But those only know one color and a few pixel.
Have a look at water painting, ebro art and such.
Here the picture is create or placed on water, the part then submerged through that paint layer.
Takes the paint and it goes all way around no matter the shape.

Easiest approch however would be to make some stencils and to use a fine airbrush gun ;)