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Is it possible to make an engine that emits absolutely no sound? Answered

Can sound energy be converted to another form of energy that can be used again by the engine itself?




4 years ago

The Very very Best way to recover sound vibration energy from a mechanical system IS . . . . . design it to make as Little Noise ( friction ) as possible ! ! !


4 years ago

Nope, friction creates sound and you can't get away from friction. Losses to friction are also, mostly, irreversible.


4 years ago

Not likely with current engineering.

An electric motor on magnetic bearings running in a vacuum is pretty quiet though.

As for second part of the question - No.


4 years ago

In a vacuum every engine emits no sound. The science fictions shows that show the giant ships rumbling along with the engines all lite up and creating fear in everyone because they can hear the engine roar are totally false. The only ones that could hear it would be the ones on the ship. 2001, A space odyssey was actually very accurate because often all you could hear was Dave breathing. And that is really the only thing you would hear in the absence of air.

The sun emits no sound in the typical sense, and yet it does create sound and in fact has a resonance and "rings".

As a form of energy sound is very limited and could be though of more as waste. it is however ironic that we go to such great lengths to manipulate it and create it even creating instruments that produce certain frequencies on demand.


Answer 4 years ago

Actually that is only partially true. There is a good video here on the subject for more detail:


Best Answer 4 years ago

In a practical sense, no. It is impossible to machine parts to have infinite precision, there will always be some level of error in producing parts. Sound energy is not easy to convert to useful energy because or it's semi-random nature, similar to heat. I don't think there is that much energy in sound anyway, so it would not be useful for much even if it is possible to absorb it and harness it.

You can use a shockwave's energy to hammer against a peizoelectric element and maybe produce enough voltage to make a neom bulb flash.