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Is it possible to program an Arduino without a computer? Answered

I was wondering if there is some sort of way to program an arduino without the use of a computer? I have googled it and found a few videos but no explanation on how to build such a device. If you have any thoughts, it would be much appreciated if you left a comment. Thanks!



8 years ago

Without the use of a computer? Well yes, but only in theory. In theory, it can be done with 4 switches (might be 10 or so, don't have the spec around). You only have to switch the right signals at the correct time in the correct way. A few (hundred) thousand times. Without a single mistake.

We humans are quite bad at such a tedious and boring task. Computers are good, very good at such tasks.

So, in practice, no way to do it without a computer.

If you want to know, if it is possible without a PC, then that's another question. It's certainly possible to do it with a microprocessor instead of a PC. You just need a device that can stimulate the programming pins and hold the program data. My company programs electronic control units for cars with single board computers.

If you want to know, how an Arduino is programmed get the data sheet and/or the data sheet of the processor. It should be documented there.

For DIY purposes, a PC is just the most convenient way as you can edit the program, assemble it, test it on simulated hardware, debug it and then just program it - all one the same system.


8 years ago

There probably is but it would be very tedious. You are essentially just trying to feed the arduino digital on/off signals to the proper memory locations through the interface. Imagine just pushing a button at the right time and sequence for a couple of hundred clicks just to get some simple instruction code in. I think there are some methods of using another pre-programmed arduino to piggyback off of or tie into DS game consoles or something but those are essentially computers themselves.