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Is it possible to set the thermostat (temperature) on an air conditioner window mount unit below the factory setting? Answered

I am trying to convert a 7' x 7' x 7' insulated room into a cooler with a temperature of 34 to 40 degrees by using an A/C unit and cannot cool the room below the 60 degree factory setting. I have tried isolating the temperature probe, but the unit just ices up. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank-you



10 years ago

The ice is caused by moisture in the air, if you had drier air it wouldn't ice-up. You could run two stages where the first condensed the moisture to liquid water? It would still freeze in the end though. L


Answer 10 years ago

L - I c ur bk. And I agree with you answer, also a/c units are designed to drop the temp. a certain number (approx) of degrees below ambiant. Below that number and the unit won't have the power to do more. Two units might drop the temp. more.