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Is it possible to stick vacuum base vise onto a plastic table. Answered

Hello, everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to make a vacuum base tool (bench vise) to stick to a plastic table? Tables like the folding portable types that are use for outdoors event, hobbies, work bench or any other useful project or jobs. Let me explained; I brought myself a bench vise (from eBay) which is the type in which it is a suction base or cup that suppose to stick onto the table when the lever is push either up or down. My work bench or table is an portable 4 inch folding lifetime (brand) item. After buying and receiving the tool, I tried to stick the vise onto my workbench, but was not able to make it stick at all. I have tried all kinds of methods that I have google. methods like the water method, oil method, tapes and so on, but could not get it to stick at all. This is my very first time I have work with a tool with a suction action to mount the tool to a surface. When purchasing the tool I was under the belief that all suction cups or suction methods works on all kind of surfaces. I did manage to stick the tool onto a glass table, but this is not an alternate solution for me, since the glass table is my dinning table. If anyone has experience this kind or similar problem with a suction device and had solve the problem I would be very grateful for a course of suction basics 101, because if I don't find a solution, it is either buy an new work table to work with the tool (not an option) or abandon the whole idea. Really could use help. Thank you



1 year ago

Hello, gandymarsh, Thanks for your reply. I have followed your advise, but I had ran into a problem. after setup I tested the device to see how long it will stick to the plastic. at first it was a good 2 minutes check after again after one minute, it was no longer secured it just came right off the table. it lost it's suction in less then five minutes. any solution to this? I have provided photos of the setup. Thanks.

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1 year ago

If I'm not mistaken, those tables have a slightly rough surface. You could fasten a small piece of plexiglass or a scrap of smooth plastic to the table with screws or epoxy.