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Is it possible to use a old mobile as a bluetooth audio receiver? Answered

I have seen several tutorials outlining use of old mobile as an mp3 player especially hook it up with an car audio player (via aux in port). I have a sony ericsson w700i walkman cell phone lying with me. I already am using it as an mp3 player in the car. I wanted to know if i can extend its use further and pair it with my new mobile to play music wireless. If it's possible it might well be used for making receiving calls via car audio too.

I know there are several cheap stereo bluetooth receivers out there which can be used for the same purpose but I am interested in knowing if an old mobile can be used for this purpose somehow or not.



4 years ago

I arrived here asking my self the same question. What i found is that the feature we are looking for is named A2DP sink, and that in android there have been two different bluetooth stacks, being probably easier to do that since android 5.0.

The following link and the links it contains have some important info http://www.apktopmarket.com/enabling-a2dp-sink-in-cm11.html


6 years ago

You might be able to pair the old phone with the new but to what end? You won't be able to pass your calls through the old phone and then through your car's audio system. If you want calls to go through your car's audio system there are kits you can get for that.


Answer 6 years ago

My primary purpose is to simply pass music stream from one mobile to the other (older one) attached to the car audio via bluetooth. I found a working solution for this if both handsets would have been android. "Bluetooth Music Player Free" on google play does exactly that. It does not route calls however. So you can run audio player on one device and play it on the other via bluetooth with the same application installed.

If the same application was in java it might work for my requirement too as w700i only supports java apps.

As i mentioned in my original post I am aware of the commercial kits / receivers. I am only looking for options with a mobile instead.