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Is it possible to use router bits (6.4mm) for rotary?? Answered

Hey guys my first time post here:3 As you can read from this topic, is it possible to use router bits(6.4mm) in rotary?? like using extension collet or something?? I found some information on the internet that it is not good idea to do so considering the power and so on, however I would like to know if there is any way that to make it possible to save some monet.... thank you


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Best Answer 1 year ago

You won't save money, you will loose it.
A rotary tool is not designed to work with sideways pressure.
Only light drilling and some brindging/polishing work that won't require too much pressure - like engraving glass.
The bearings won't tolerate pressure too long and finding replacements can be tricky and costly.

A cheap router isn't that expensive anymore and it will come cheaper than constantly replacing bearings and motors.


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Thank you for your helpful advice and it really made my mind clear!!