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Is it practical to repair the damaged CDI or get one from eBay? Answered

The Honda VT 250F CDI was Damaged 3 years ago and the owner left the motorcycle lying about until i found it. 
There could be more issues other than the CDI since the motor has been sitting for quite a while, so I'm trying to figure out practical ways on how to fix those without spending too much since my budget is limited. I'm a total noob and have no background in motorcycle mechanics at all, just some slight electronics back in high school ( I tend to heavily rely on my circuit board manual back then). Perhaps someone here can tell me how I should approach this problem and maybe share some knowledge in fixing the CDI first before I carry on opening the machine and start tinkering.
-what should I look for in the circuit board?
-what tools should I use?
-can someone provide me a copy of the CDI manual/layout for a Honda VT 250 F?


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6 years ago

In my opinion, (and generally speaking) it's far more practical and safer to purchase replacement electronics for vehicles instead of attempting a "deep" repair, especially if you're not a qualified engineer (in which case I might suspect you wouldn't be asking the question in the first place). Of course, even repairing it presumes an ability to accurately identify and/or replace the damaged components, which often in vehicle electronics, is all but impossible due to a tendency to "pot" componentry in order to reduce vibration related failure.

best of luck if you attempt the repair. it could be simply, or it could be a waste of time or leave you stranded. At my age, I prefer tnot to stand out in the rain ;)