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Is it safe to use old ornament hooks for jewelry? Answered

I want to use some old, "giant staple-looking" ornament hooks to make beaded charms to hang off a choker, but I don't know what the hooks are made of. I don't really know anything about beading materials or jewelry-making in general.

The packaging's long gone and they've been sitting in the toolbox for years. I made one charm and want to make more, but I don't know whether it's okay to keep using these hooks or use wire that's actually sold as wire for jewelry-making.

Aside from "don't stab yourself, don't ingest the wire," I'd like to know whether this kind of metal can cause skin irritation or rashes or if that's an issue with any sort of metal (if the latter, is there anything I can do about it?). Unfortunately, I haven't tried wearing the charm I made because I have a bug bite on neck; the charm would brush right up against it. My fingers seem fine, though.


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Best Answer 10 years ago

Allergies are different for everyone, Usually people who have skin reactions have jewelery made from stainless steel, sterling silver, or gold. I don't think your ornament hooks will hurt anyone or burn a hole through their chests but I'm sure there are specific materials for making beaded charms. If you only plan on making a couple or having them as a fun gift, I would just go with what you have. maybe get one of these hooks wet and leave it out overnight and see if it rusts as it might look bad once someone is wearing it, gets sweaty and then have rust stains on their neck that they can't see until they get in front of a mirror. If no rust then go ahead and make it... and feel free to post the instructable and show everyone your resourceful jewelery making skills.


Answer 10 years ago

I was a little worried that maybe someone would get a rash or a weird stain on their skin. Hadn't even considered whether the hooks would rust. I'll try that out.

The plan was to make a few for gifts with a matching choker/necklace/bracelet, (and a couple keepers on the side). If there was an issue about the charms as jewelry, Plan B was to let the giftees know that the charms could instead be used as really simple ornaments (which I've done last year).

Thank you. :)