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Is it the recycled-content paper that's making my printer jam? Answered

It's an HP Deskjet 3740--a cheapie, yes, and about 5 years old. The paper is 35% recycled from Office Depot. Is recycled paper known for jamming printers, or is this my imagination?



9 years ago

Unless the paper weight is too light (thin) then I would not suspect the paper in an inket printer. When you open a ream of paper lift all 500 sheets out of the wrapping and examine the edges to determine if the paper was saw-cut or guillotine cut. If the cut marks are straight or angled then a guillotine was used, if the same marks are curved then a saw was used, and there will be an accumulation of dust that you won't see but that your printer will hate. Opening up the paper path as much as possible and giving it a good spray out with compressed air should help greatly. If you have two paper paths, like mine, use the rear bin and therefore straighter as opposed to the underneath bin that requires the paper to travel in a U-shape creating more crevices for dust and other dross to accumulate.


10 years ago

Probably your printer needs cleaning. It isn't likely that the recycled content of the paper, per se, is causing trouble. Having said that: Some printers are picky about the "weight" (thickness) of paper they will print on. Thinner papers are more flexible, thus (sometimes) more likely to jam. And sometimes the surface texture of the paper affects the ability of the printer's drive rollers to grab it reliably. Also, older paper which has absorbed additional humidity tends to change its behavior just enough to jam some printers. So: Try a fresh ream of paper. If that cures it, try a fresh ream of the recycled paper and see if the problem reappears. If changing paper doesn't cure it, then the problem is your printer rather than the paper.


Answer 10 years ago

The printer being that old probably has bits in the rollers as ork says - big enough to cause problems but small enough to be hidden until you take it apart. Pop off the outer cover carefully and clean/blow out any areas that have a collection.