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Is putting weight to unweighted synthesizer keys a good idea? How do I do that? Answered

In my case it's a Korg X50. I can barely express myself with these keys. Any ideas on the topic are welcome before I screw my korg open.



Best Answer 9 years ago

You can express yourself on those keys, it just requires some adaptation on your part.

I know, every pianist out there is booing me.  Allow me to explain.

Playing weighted keys is fantastic in the sense that it requires strength and dexterity to play loud, fast runs.  However, using the break of the weight can become a crutch when playing softly.

I just dodged your tomato, so hear me out and stop throwing like a girl.

If you practice at playing softly and regaining sensitivity, you may eventually find it can be rather easy to regain expressiveness.  However, it does require retraining your brain to listen to the velocity you produce rather than have the tactile feedback from the key.

You'll find that if you give this an honest chance, you will actually go back to an acoustic piano with even more sensitivity, because not only can you pound out a hefty fortissimo, but you can play a more tender pianissimo.

I suggest this for two main reasons.  First, it's true.  Second, it's going to take precision crafting to reverse engineer those keys to be weighted - and I guarantee the uneven response you are stuck with in the end will make you junk the keyboard.


9 years ago

You need 2 things to make it more expressive, and this is the big thing with expensive keyboards -- properly weighted keys are an art.

They need more weight, and more spring action that cancel each other out.  It feels like you're moving a massive object, but the spring cancels the force required.

What can you do?  It should be easy enough to take the board apart - do it slowly, record it with a video camera if you can, so that you can document where everything goes and comes from.  The keys will be spring loaded.  Find a suitable replacement spring, then attach a weight temporarily in the key.  reassemble and see if it is more comfortable.  Again, this is a HUGE undertaking because the engineering to get keys up to perfection is HUGE.


9 years ago

As long as the keys are still light enough to pop up again.