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Is the Bob Long Marq 6 with Tadao the best EVA? Answered

One of the people I play with has a pink Bob Long marq 6 with a tadao board, and everything else upgraded, and he says it is the best eva, and I wanted to know if it's true.


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11 years ago

I'm afraid the very nature of your question is subjective and therefore has no satisfactory answer, as opposed to being an objective question that has a definite answer. Being "the best" is usually only up to an individual's own judgment and personal taste.

In sports and other win-lose competitions, "the best" is an easy thing to judge. The fastest, strongest, or most competent person is easily classifies as "The best".

However, in other fields, there is no yardstick of "goodness", only a sliding scale that is adjusted to how an individual, concept, or thing is in relation to other people, ideas or things. There is no "Best" due mostly in part to the multiple facets of quality inherent to each person, idea or thing.

Personally, I have no idea if you're talking about a guitar, a board game, or a surfboard. And I, nor anyone else, could give you a qualitative analysis to judge if it is "the best" in it's particular field.