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Is the Takamine GS 330s a good guitar? Answered

I have to choose beween a Takamine GS 330s and an Alvarez (solid mahogony body, at $275 new.) The Alvarez has a beautiful natural color, but the Takamine (for $25 more) comes with a case and is sold new at $300. Which should I buy?

( I got the takamine, as it was a better deal for the money. It plays wonderfully and sounds great. Thanks guys!)



Best Answer 7 years ago

Personally, I would base my choice on the comfort and tone. You might check multiple versions of each. Which feels more comfortable? Which one sounds best? You might check the ease of obtaining harmonics at the 5th, 7th and 12th frets and compare their durations. I tend to prefer solid wood over laminates. The action can be adjusted. Do they both have truss rods? Mahogony is a brighter sound and I love it on my 1970 Martin D 18. Rosewood is warmer. I've played an older Takamine D and it sounded great and almost as good as the Martin.Buts that's just me.


7 years ago

Definately play this instore if possible. three out of six samples i've played did not sound very good hooked to an amp.


7 years ago

There is an edit button, you don't have to double-post to update your question.


Answer 7 years ago

I know. My computer would not show the "sucessfully published" screen, so i made another because i wasnt sure if it had been published. Thanks for noticing.